Remediation Services for those who think they may be having problems with geopathic energy

We offer a number of remote services for far-flung sufferers of geopathic stress, since our hands-on involvement in an intentional lifestyle precludes much travel. And while we were once able to deal with e-mail and telephone questions about geopathic stress for no charge, the volume of requests has become too great. We simply can no longer maintain our homestead, pay the bills, do our continuing research, and answer all of your queries for free. So, starting October 1, 2008, we have posted PayPal button links that make the payment process for our services as quick and painless as possible. The services we offer include:

  • Free Remote Dowsing to check for the existence of geopathic energies:

This will tell you whether or not geopathic energy is a problem at your site but it will not show the details of exactly where the problem areas might be.

Contact us via e-mail (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser"), or by "snail-mail" at 30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road, Winona, Minnesota 55987, and:

Include your name and the exact address or location of your site (home, workplace, whatever).

At our earliest convenience (I get to an internet terminal nearly every day) we will return a list of the quantities and characters of the geopathic Earth Energies passing through your structure. Details about these energy formations can be found on our
Energy Updates Page.

I do all of this through a process called remote dowsing, or divination, where I grab a dowsing rod and simply ask questions. If you'd like all the details about how I dowse, just Click Here for a free PDF file download. Who or what it is that answers these questions is, and may remain, a mystery. Some have told me that I'm using the dowsing rod as a link between my conscious mind and my "higher self". Others have said that they see fairies communicating with me! I call it "talking to the planet". Whatever. All I know is that when I check out a place later "on-site", the results are almost always perfectly identical. Using this information, I can tell if simply moving your bed is an option or if you'll need some other sort of intervention.

  • Phone Consults are available for any questions you have about geopathic stress.

We once did these for free, but due to the volume of traffic we get, we now charge $12.50 for a 15-minute block of phone time, via PayPal. The only language we are really fluent in is English, so we hope this works for you!

To reserve your 15-minute block of phone time, just e-mail us to set up a time (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our secure account listed as "bobdowser"). Consultation can commence when we see a payment in PayPal and we have agreed on a mutually suitable time. Sorry about all the fuss, but there's only so much time in the day!

  • If you would like a lot more detail, we offer "remote dowsing".

Send a scale drawing or blueprint (or whatever you can muster) of your building to our mailing address:

  • Bob Dahse/Larisa Walk
  • 30319 Wiscoy Ridge Road
  • Winona, Minnesota USA 55987

Please include $50 in US funds (money order, check, or travelers check) along with your name and the exact location or address of the site.

If you would prefer to send a digital photo of a drawing by e-mail, just attach it and send it to our e-mail address (or if this link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser"). You can click this link to make a $50 payment for the service via PayPal.

We will color-code all of the Earth Energy pathways or formations within the confines of the drawing. Keep in mind that a larger scale drawing yields more accurate results. This option really helps if you are trying to visualize the energy formations and pathways in your area. It makes anything from bed locating to full-scale energy diversion/dissipation a lot easier. And if you already are accomplished at energy dowsing, our mapping service can help you locate energy pathways you may not yet be aware of. It also helps you visualize where to place diversion devices and where the resulting diverted energies will flow.

If you need even more detail about how I do remedial energy work, just click the following link. The link will take you to a PayPal page that allows you to download a Payloadz document called "Geopathic Remediation Techniques", for which you will be charged $2.50. This document formerly was free, but due to the major changes in the energy environment that this allows even the casual user, I like to keep track of who has this information. Online payment is how I keep track of this.

  • If remote dowsing reveals energy pathways that aren't conducive to furniture moving alone, we can still help at a distance:

The download available at the previous link (above) gives you instructions on preparation and placement of energy-warping metal rods. Using this information, you learn about the entire energy diversion process that we use and we can set up a time via e-mail to do a live energy remediation session by phone (or if this e-mail link doesn't work on your computer, simply use our Secure account listed as "bobdowser").

There's a charge of $50/hour for this process but, if you are well prepared, can follow verbal instruction, don't get too chatty, and the phone connection is good, the work itself usually takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

To schedule a live energy remediation session by phone:

  1. First contact us via e-mail.
  2. Leave your e-mail address or phone number, and we will contact you to set up a mutually convenient time for the process.
  3. Then click this link to pay $12.50 via PayPal for the first 15 minutes of the phone consult.

Legal Matters

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the information contained herein (nor is it likely to!), and said information is not intended to replace the advice of a physician, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.