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Historical Updates Since 2004

Latest News (7/06/2005):
One morning in early June, while petting our 2 youngest sheep, I noticed a large number of very small flying insects hovering as a group. They were concentrated within a 3 by 5 foot oval, fluttering up and down within 3 feet of the ground. It seemed odd that they'd stay within such a small space since I saw nothing unusual about the area. Vegetation was identical within 10 feet on all sides, as was sunlight, soil type, moisture,etc.
After mentioning this to a few people I decided it was time to grab a dowsing rod. What I found was a vertical oval tube in a stable location matching the area the flies were in. It has no other distinguishing features, like concentric layers or associated planes. And it doesn't radiate upward from the ground like most Earth Energies. It beams down from above with a uniformly beneficial energy throughout its small footprint. On von Pohl's scale of 0 to 16, its daytime energy is +14, and +12 at night.
I don't usually feel the energy character of where I am at a given moment. I prefer not to involuntarily notice these things since it would be very distracting. But after standing in this Single Oval Cylinder for a while, I do notice a "let-down" when I step out of it.

Latest news (7/08/2005):
After completing the second edition of Planetary Patterns in April, I took a break from actively seeking out other Earth Energies, hoping that I was nearly done with new stuff. But after finding the Single Oval Tube, I figured that my education was back in session. So, dowsing rod in hand, I asked if there were any nearby formations I should know about. I was directed to an otherwise unremarkable spot in a neighbor's hay field.
I first found 4 concentric vertical cylinders with a maximum diameter of about 6 feet. Thinking that the form matched that of a Positive Bull's-Eye Pattern, I next checked the character and intensity of the energy for confirmation. Each of the cylinders was geopathic, with an intensity of -8, definitely not the same as a PBP. Searching further, I found a total of 8 single planes associated with the cylinders. Four were about 6 feet long, beginning at the edge of the outermost cylinder and ending in a tightening clockwise spiral. Four others were about 12 feet long, ending in a tightening counterclockwise spiral. The short spiral planes had an energy level of -8, the same as the cylinders. But the long spiral planes were at +6.
I went home to draw out what I had found. But the next day I went back to re-check the spiral planes since I'm not great at remembering details. Closer examination revealed 4 single-walled cylinders at the edge of the concentric cylinders. Their diameters were roughly 3 feet, with energies matching the long spiral planes at +6. Here's a drawing of the whole Spiral Cylinder Complex.

Latest News (7/16/2005):

While walking home from the site of the Spiral Cylinder Complex I once again asked about additional formations of Earth Energy. I was directed to a patch of bare, heavily traveled soil on a field road used by my closest neighbor. At first I found a single vertical plane with a width of about 3 inches. The spot I was led to had a similar plane intersecting with the first at a 90-degree angle. The intensity of both planes was +14 (+12 at night), decreasing gradually with distance from that point. The energy in these planes is alternating, or bi-directional, at a frequency just below 8 Hz. There are 4 multi-surface spiral planes found between each straight plane. Each is about 6 inches wide with 3 parallel vertical planes. And each on e begins in a widening counterclockwise spiral about 16 feet from the single plane intersection. The energy of the spiral planes is +15, day or night, and it moves toward the single plane intersection, apparently feeding energy into it. Map dowsing revealed a spacing of about 20 miles between the intersections, with the straight planes moving NE-SW and NW-SE. But if you're looking for some benefit from the straight planes, you'll need to be within about 1000 feet from their intersection. The Spiral-Fed Grid looks like this:

Also on this day, in the same field, I found a large triangular pattern I'm calling the Triple Spiral.

Three large-diameter spirals were connected by 100-foot long straight pathways of six vertical, parallel planes. This is how it looks from above. The detail on the right shows that there are actually six planes in this simplified drawing. Energy intensities range from 0 to +15. Beginning at the center of a spiral, at +15, the 6 parallel move toward the outer arms of the next spiral, dropping steadily in intensity as they move away. When the intensity reaches zero the straight planes curve left to begin the next spiral. After 21 turns, increasing in intensity, we again reach the middle at +15.

Latest news  (8/25/2005):
I've found a new energy pattern consisting of 7 parallel, vertical, meandering, 2-foot-wide, highly geopathic, bi-directional planes running through a friend's home. I won't bother with a drawing of it, since it looks so much like a "Subtle Line", pictured on page 52 of Planetary Patterns. I've been calling it a Meandering Noxious Line. It's highly geopathic, ranging from -16 (out of 16) during daytime to -14 at night. It affects the Etheric plane of the human spherical field. At this point (10/31/2005) I've diverted 3 of the above formations from homes in my vicinity. But in most recent news, I've also been shown a new energy formation in a nearby field. I'm calling it a 3-Spiral Cylinder. It consists of a small, central, vertical tube with three short, 3-plane spirals leading out of it. I'll post a drawing with more detail ASAP. (see update on 6-03/2006)

Those who have a copy of Planetary Patterns may notice that their copy lists the Geodetic Line and Dragon Line as synonymous. Alanna Moore e-mailed me to let me know that the British Society of Dowsing uses the terms "Dragon" or "Serpent" line to denote something entirely different from the very straight, 11-plane pathway I was describing, and which Colin Bloy called a Serpent or Dragon Line. That's the problem with common names that aren't entirely descriptive. From what I've found using map dowsing, the Dragon or Serpent Line is a curving pattern that starts/ends in a spiral, and has 21 vertical planes with a far wider spacing. I'm now calling the straight, 11-plane pathway a Geodetic Line to distinguish it from Serpent/Dragon Lines, even though the term is a bit generic. Both patterns are beneficial to humans and both are infrequent, so the confusion I've caused can perhaps be forgiven in time since I don't have a nearby Serpent/Dragon Line to investigate, and my map dowsing is limited mainly to client requests.

Latest News (11/05/2005):
While corresponding by e-mail with a fellow earth energy researcher in Tennessee, he asked about a pulsing EMF signal he found in downtown Knoxville. My map dowsing showed a similar phenomenon nearby. I checked it out and found that it was the intersection of a Stray Voltage Pathway (returning neutral ground current from an AC powerline) with a deep DC Telluric Channel. The DC channels are infrequent, traveling east-west, at north-south intervals of about 17 miles. Their pattern is a single vertical plane.They occur in nearby parallel pairs, about 50 feet apart, and are quite beneficial (much more so than their AC cousins).

Latest News (11/28/2005):
Just before taking a trip to Minneapolis to do some energy diversions I was led to a new formation I hadn't found before. There were five concentric, vertical cylinders spaced about a foot apart. Flowing toward them, from a distance of around 12 feet, were four counterclockwise and clockwise spiral planes. All of the planes were quite beneficial, changing a bit in intensity at nightfall. I've been calling it a Positive 4-spiral Bull's-Eye.

The nested cylinders are at an energy intensity of +13 during daytime and +11 at night. The spirals are at +12 during daytime and +10 at night. While on the trip to Minneapolis, a client asked if there was some sort of negative energy affecting a rather sickly looking evergreen tree next to her garage. A perfect specimen grew right next to it. When I checked the tree I found the same pattern as above, but a geopathic version with all the same components. We joked about naming it after her but I've been calling it a Negative 4-spiral Bull's-Eye. The nested cylinders were at -14 during daytime and -12 at night. The spirals were at -12 during daytime and -10 at night.

On the same trip, but at a different client's house, I found another new formation. The client was describing some sort of positive energy he felt coming off of the Mississippi River in his backyard. The river takes a sharp bend just upstream of his property. I found five seemingly straight, vertical, parallel planes at about an 11-inch spacing running through his back yard. Their energy intensity was +12 during daytime and +10 at night. They seemed to flow directly from the center of the river upstream of its turn. When I map-dowsed a Minneapolis/St. Paul map it showed the energy line moving directly from his property to a point in St. Paul where it reconnected to the Mississippi River again. It's as if the river wants to flow straight through the city while avoiding the big corner it now takes. If you'd like a bigger surprise try map-dowsing the Mississippi just north of New Orleans and you'll find a similar change in the river's energy flow to a point far west of its present highly regulated course. I've been calling this pattern River Lines and I hope to soon do more research on other river pathways.

Latest News (03/15/2006):
A client in Decorah, Iowa had a little problem after I completed an on-site diversion of geopathic lines. We aren't sure exactly what caused it, but a pet dog who had been sleeping in the bedroom now refused to do so. An animal communicator indicated that the dog was frightened by a "flashing energy" in the vicinity. I did a map check of the building and found a 20" wide pattern of 4 parallel, straight, vertical, evenly-spaced planes that were geopathic, but only to the Astral energy layers of either a dog or human's body, and only slightly (-2 during daytime, -4 at night on a scale of 0 to -16). The Astral disruption possibly explains the dog's fear of sleeping there, but I suspected more. This pattern has been tentatively named the Weak Astral Line. On-site checking of the pattern confirmed the location and other details but the bedroom walls also had unshielded AC wiring giving off electric fields, 24 hours a day, right at the height of the dog's bed. We found the AC circuit feeding these outlets and recommended turning off the breaker at night.

Latest News (04/03/2006):
In an effort to boost the health of our elderly cat I checked out our house to see if there were any geopathic or geobeneficent energy patterns that were specific to felines. What I found was a 2-foot wide geopathic pattern of 5 parallel, straight, vertical, evenly-spaced planes affecting only the Etheric energy layers of the body. Since this is the layer dealing with recuperation, it could play an important role in the health of a well animal or the recovery of a sick/old one. The intensity was around -4 (out of 16) and was consistent day or night. It's a uni-directional formation so it's easily diverted or dissipated. I've called it the Feline Etheric Line since it only affects cats.

Latest News (04/15/2006):
After finding the Weak Astral Line, I reasoned that there might be other fairly low-powered energy pathways in my vicinity that affect other energy layers of the human body. I found one running E-W, just north of our sheep pasture. It was a wide, multi-plane pattern that was fairly straight. It had an intensity of -4, but only affects the Etheric field. I've been calling it the Weak Etheric Line.

Latest News (05/07/2006):

An energy pattern across the road from our house, in a nearby field has bugged me for a while. Throughout the winter I kept going back to it, trying to figure out its complex pattern. The terrain was bumpy and snow cover was inconsistent, making mapping it out using my footsteps more difficult. When the snow was gone and "mud season" had ended, the remaining packed-down vegetation left a more easily negotiated area. I was finally able to spend some time carefully tracing the pattern. Seen from above, what I found resembles an eight-petalled flower, but about 20 feet across. For now I'm calling it an Eight-Petal Cylinder. Any point on this pattern has a uniform energy intensity of -4 during daytime and -6 at night. The 4-foot diameter central tube is singular. The "petals" are 3 parallel planes with 3" spacing between them.

Latest News (6/03/2006):
Since it's a tradition of ancient Feng Shui, for a number of years I've been tracing the pathways of "positive chi" through client's homes. Sometimes the path is simple and fairly direct, other times quite complex and sinuous. What Chi Lines have in common is a single, vertical, undulating, uni-directional, vertical plane. It usually enters through an east window or door and exits out the west. Its energy intensity is +7 during daytime and +10 at night (breaking the usual pattern of less positive intensity at night). But as much attention as the ancient practitioners gave it, its effect appears to be only on the Monadic layers of the human spherical field.

The 3-Spiral Cylinder I mentioned back in November of 2005 certainly took a "back burner" for a while. The latest check I've done on it indicates that it's a beneficial energy formation, with intensities of +10 during daytime and +8 at night. It affects both the etheric and astral fields of humans. The basic pattern is shown here, from above. A roughly 4-foot diameter, 5-plane central tube radiates upward, with energy flowing clockwise in 2 planes and counterclockwise in the 3 others. Energy moves outward from each layer into three spiral planes that flow either CW or CCW, collapse to a point, then reverse spin direction to resume flow in their respective tubes. Unlike this crude sketch, each spiral actually consists of 5 parallel, vertical planes, separated by 3 inches, and flowing both CW and CCW.

Latest News (09/25/2006):
My latest wanderings through a neighbor's hayfield led to a new discovery of a small, geopathic energy pattern that is similar to the Eight-Petal Tube. For now I'm calling it a Four-Petal Cylinder. The energy intensity, using von Pohl's scale, is -14 on the central, vertical cylinder, and -10 on the outer spirals. It looks like the Eight-Petal tube, shown above, but has only four of the double spirals and is smaller in diameter (around 4 to 8 feet from what I've seen so far).

Latest news (10/16/2006): Correction: During the time since Planetary Patterns was published I've continued to find additional Celtic Cross Straight Lines that exceeded the 7X7 plane pattern found in the book. I was running into additional planes far beyond what I thought were the outer boundaries of the energy field. Checking for a total this past weekend, I ran into a total of 44 7-plane Straight Lines on one side of the central plane. This would make a total of 89 Celtic Cross Straight Lines running E-W crossing with another 89 running N-S. What a goof-up! It's a good thing that these planes are good news instead of bad.

Latest news (06/28/2007):
This summer's dowsing work has revealed three new beneficial energy patterns I hadn't found before. The first is what I call the Sleep Line. It's a set of 11 straight, vertical, parallel planes that improve your sleep. They run North-South at 30 mile intervals, so the chance of finding one is a little slim. But, while trying to find out how I was able to sleep so well with a bed situated over crossing "Ley Lines" (Aerial Grid Lines), I found these 11 planes also passing through the bed on March 1st of this year.

The Three-Ring Circle is what I call a pattern that's fairly frequent in our area. There are 6 of these 350-foot diameter, concentric, vertical tubes within the 40 acres we're centered on. The pattern consists of three big rings, 9 inches apart. The actual rings are the beneficial part, though of rather low intensity. I found the first one in our back yard.

The Single Circle is something I found at a friend's house during this year's Energy Fair, while doing a check for a better well site and while doing the usual energy diversion routine. After working late in the evening and camping overnight, I had the feeling there was something I missed. I found this downward-beaming, 28-foot diameter, vertical tube in their orchard. It was a great place to watch the sun rise, and it promised to be a good spot for the "cosmic tube" broadcasting device they wanted to install (biodynamic, homeopathic device for generating positive energies to local plants, etc.). I've just completed the 107th dowsing/divination job related strictly to Earth Energies! This hasn't made me more complacent or less enthusiastic about the process. I'm just getting faster and more experienced while continuing to learn even more. It's a humbling experience and one that I take quite seriously, as you never know if/when you could suddenly lose the ability to do this stuff! Also, I'm now able to do Word-to-.PDF file conversions, so I can display some of the illustrations from "Planetary Patterns" as Adobe PDF files. You can click this link to see what a Blind Spring looks like.

Latest News (04/22/2008):
While checking my own home for any geopathic energies that might have escaped the deflecting power of buried rods around the house (due to possible frost-heaving of the rods over the winter), I stumbled on a new geopathic pattern. I had wondered why my dreams seemed at times so hectic, sketchy in detail, and sometimes rather upsetting. I found a band of 7 straight, vertical, parallel planes running through my pillow that affect only the Astral layers of the Spherical Field (see below). I call it the Astral Line (AL). Now that this pattern is diverted my dreams are running on a much more "even keel" (clearer, more detailed, less disturbing).

Latest news (08/24/2008):
While posting an entry about "Ley Lines" on the British Society of Dowser's website, in the Eath Energy forum, I finished the post by saying that I was going to go check for any new energy patterns that "the source" (my euphemism for who/whatever gives me my dowsing education) might offer. I was pointed toward a formation NW of my home, about 5 miles away. It was a nearly straight cluster of vertical planes with beneficial energy for humans, but only on a very subtle energy layer (see below). I'm tentatively calling it the Positive Straight Monadic Path. It's a group of 8 planes, found in two groups of four, separated by about 19 feet. Within each cluster of four planes, they are separated by about 7 inches. The innermost planes have the strongest energy, at +9 during the day, and at +6 at night (on von Pohl's scale of 16). I'm taking off on the trike today to divine more details onsite.

Latest News (10/05/2008):
While answering a posting on the Earth Energies Forum of the British Society of Dowser's website, I map-dowsed a spot in England called "Catle An Dinas" for a dowser named "ocd". He had found an energy pathway and wanted verification or more detail from other dowsers. What I found was mildly geopathic, with an intensity of -6 at night, -4 during the day, and only affecting the Monadic energy layers (see below). The pattern consists of 70 straight, parallel, equally-spaced, unidirectional, vertical planes. The one I found had energy flowing southeast. They appear to be rare since the nearest one to my location is 1200 miles away. I've tentatively named it the Negative Straight Monadic Path (NSMP).

Latest News (8/01/2009):
One of the really nice things about doing either on-site or map-dowsing for geopathic energy clients is that I occasionally get "informed" about new earth energies I have not encountered before. There are a couple of new ones to report and when they have been more fully researched and verified by other dowsers I will report the details and add them to the table above.

Latest News (9/03/2009):
OK, so there are 3 new energies to report. The first I found, verified by a reputable British dowser, is: very straight, stretched NNW-SSE, downward-moving energy during daytime, reversed at night, 30 parallel planes, equally-spaced, at about 9-inch intervals, negative to perennial plants (-3 on a 16-point scale during daytime, -5 at night) and beneficial to humans (+3, day or night). I didn't know what to make of this mixed type of energy, so I checked for others closer to home. I found examples parallel to this one at roughly 6 to 8-mile intervals. I call it the Wide Mixed Solar Line (WMS).

The second consists of: 5 straight, parallel, vertical, equidistant planes, 31 inches wide, unidirectional, periodic every 1700-1800 feet and parallel, NNW-SSE, geopathic to the outermost human spherical field (see below) at night, intensity of -3 out of 16, day or night. I call it the Narrow Periodic Subtle Line (NPS).

The third consists of: 20 straight, parallel, vertical, equidistant planes, 46 feet wide, bi-directional, downward-moving during daytime and reversed at night, occasional (the next nearest one to me is about 285 miles north), WNW-ESE, and geopathic as above. I call it the Wide Occasional Subtle Line (WOS).

Latest News (9/06/2009):
Some exploratory dowsing at a friend's house led to the discovery of yet another geopathic energy. At first I thought it was just another collection of straight, vertical, parallel planes, but it had some surprises in store. It consists of 34 vertical, parallel, equidistant planes that form the multi-layered exterior of a large vertical tube, about 280 feet in diameter. The distance between planes is about 11 inches. The energy intensity is -2 on a 16-point scale, and geopathic only to the outermost layer of the human spherical field (see below). The energy moves upward during daytime and downward at night, as if flowing toward the sun, not away from it. I call it the Big Multi-plane Cylinder (BMC).

Latest News (1/12/2010):
While checking a site for a new client (via remote dowsing of a Google Map GPS coordinate) I found a new type of magnetic anomaly. The client stated that a compass went wild in this spot. Instead of the 5-plane anomaly I found around here, this (in Iowa) had 3 equally-spaced, vertical planes. The outermost planes had an AC frequency of about 43 HZ, while the central plane had a DC component. The total width was about 87 inches. Since this one is woder than the first I found, I'm calling it the Wide Magnetic Anomaly.

Latest News (4/07/2010):
For some time now I've been hearing about "Ley Lines" that cross near Sedona, Arizona that are supposedly highly energetic and beneficial. I've also read about a similar crossing near Pipestone, Minnesota that local native Americans consider sacred. So I started map-dowsing to see if there was anything resembling these closer to home. What I found was a series of north-south and east-west energy pathways that form a grid over the entire Earth. During daytime they consist of 8 vertical, parallel, nearly straight, directional, planes ranging from 29 feet, 4 inches to 42 feet, 6 inches in total width. The N-S and E-W groups all seem of equal intensity. On Baron von Pohl's 16-point scale they rate from +12 to +15 during the daytime and +10 to +13 at night, with the more central planes in the pattern being strongest. The planes are not equidistant and their spacing, along with the total width, varies throughout the day. They affect the Physical and Monadic layers of the Human Spherical Field (see below) during daytime and the Etheric and Monadic layers at night. Their directionality and overall position appear to remain constant, day or night. Now that I've had a chance to verify the above information on-site about 34 miles away, I'm tentatively calling this pattern a Wide Planetary Grid Line. You can call it a "Ley Line" if you like, but it will then be easily confused with a Geodetic Line (a "Michael" or "Mary" line for those of you in the U.K.) or an Aerial Grid line, even though their widths, intensities, and frequency of occurrence are all quite different. At my latitude the N-S lines occur anywhere from 48 to 53 miles apart, but this goes as high as 185 miles at the equator and down to nearly zero at the poles. The E-W lines seem to regularly occur about every 123 miles. If you find anything like this nearby I'd love to hear more about the details!

Latest News (11/03/2010):
It has been a very busy summer here on the homestead and most of my dowsing time has been devoted to doing map-dowsing for clients and phone-connected remediation work with them. I have now completed over 150 jobs. One notable exception to the remote work is our new neighbor's home (building the additions to it have been what kept me so busy this summer). She had various symptoms indicating possible geopathic influence, including poor sleep and a feeling of vertigo in one spot in her tiny kitchen. So, after diverting a crossing of Primary Curry Lines from the bed area and a Wet Etheric Line from the kitchen, life there is a bit better. Soon the weather will be too cold for construction and I can go back to more on-site dowsing and research.

Latest News (12/08/2011):
I have recently been in contact with another energy dowser named Maciej Nodzykowski in Poland who finds energy patterns using a set of L-rods. His patterns are neither geopathic nor beneficial, but seem to correlate more with Guy Underwood's work on ancient spiritual sites in the U.K. You can download a free PDF showing some drawings of the patterns he has found at this link.

Latest News (03/21/2012):
I have just found a new 10-plane vertical pathway that’s about 4 feet wide. It is moderately geopathic, very straight, it affects the body’s etheric energy field, and, luckily, it’s easily divertable using a metal L-rod on one of its outermost planes. Since it is so similar, but narrower, than the Straight Wide Etheric Line, I am tentatively calling it the Straight Narrow Etheric Line. It was found by map-dowsing the property of friends in San Diego whose son is like a canary in the coal mine when it comes to geopathic energies. He’s always the first to notice them, and this one recently started moving through his bedroom. It pays to pay attention to young folks, especially the sensitive ones!

Latest News (01/19/2013):
While doing some map-dowsing for a client in Ecuador recently I came across four new energy patterns, at least for me. The first one, which passed through the client's home, is discussed in our blog under "Patterns" Update. At this point I'm calling this moderately geopathic, 11-plane pattern a Crust Fracture Line since it correlates with existing valleys in our area. They are geopathic to humans, affecting only the "Monadic" energy layer of the Human Spherical Field (more on this below), and they are easily diverted using one of their side-most lines.

If you check the details you’ll find that there are eleven equidistant, vertical planes in this “line”, with a total width of around 25 inches (63.5 cm). The energy intensity varies, on a 16-point scale, from 4 all the way up to 15 depending, respectively, on whether it’s day or night, and on the nature of the line itself. And while I only found one of these passing through the home in Ecuador there are several right here near our home. They seem to correlate solely with pathway of existing valleys on our ridge-top property. Since none of our immediate neighbors (many of whose homes I’ve dowsed) has built a home in what usually ends up being a temporary water-run in a heavy rainstorm, and because of their fairly low intensity, I simply hadn’t noticed them here before. So which came first, the energy pathway or the weak, fractured, limestone crust beneath that allowed these valleys to form? It’s a similar quandary to the correlation between the geologic sinkholes we see here and the “Cavity Vortices” that form in the exact same places. We continue to gather the basic data on these and other surface/subsurface geographic features and their energy counterparts without much more than some tantalizing hypotheses at this point.

The second novel find, which for obvious reasons isn't also found here at home, I'm currently calling the Volcanic Line. This single vertical plane is appears to travel straight over a short distance but, in its entire 3550-foot (1082 meter) journey, from the center of a volcanic cone to the center of its end-spiral, it is rather sinuous, with the spiral end circling counterclockwise to its center point. This is a highly geopathic pattern for humans, reaching 15 on a 16-point scale at night, 13 during the day. A single volcanic cone, depending on its volume, can have up to 10 of these radiating from its center (the most I've found checking existing cones). These lines affect the Physical and Astral layers of the Human Spherical field.

The third pattern found was at least slightly better news for humans. I'm tentatively calling it the Cosmic Circle since further geomancy revealed that its energy radiates outward from the center of the Earth into space. It consists of 11 equidistant, nested, vertical "tubes", the innermost one measuring 352 feet (107.3 meters) in diameter and the outermost 358 feet (109.1 meters). For humans it is beneficial only to the Astral layer of the Human Spherical Field, with an intensity of 4 on a 16-point scale. I will soon be updating our PDF materials and this page's energy chart to reflect these additions.

The fourth pattern apparently has the same geologic origins as the Big Multi-plane Cylinder (a vertical hole in sedimentary rock that once was a channel for water) and I am currently calling it a Big Weak Etheric Cylinder since it affects only the etheric layer of the Human Spherical Field (seen below). It consists of 8 vertical, parallel, equidistant planes at 1/2-inch intervals forming a 148-foot diameter cylinder. The energy in it flows downward and it can be dissipated from its center point. Its energy intensity is 3 at night and 1 during daytime.

In other related news (January 2014), a reader in the U.K. asked me to check on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) sites extracting natural gas to see if there was any effect of this type of drilling in terms of modifications of Earth Energies. I used Google Maps to check a drilling site in Terry Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. It was very easy to spot in a satellite view and, after printing the map, I dowsed it to see if there were any changes after drilling. Once again I found five Crust Fracture Lines radiating outward from the drill tower. The energy lines extended from 1/3 to 1/2 mile, moving outward from the tower and ending in a tight CW spiral, where the energy moves upward. So besides the other worries associated with fracking (groundwater loss and contamination) we now have a possibly highly geopathic energy source at each well site.

Latest News (11/11/2013):
At the end of October a fellow "energy worker" contacted me asking questions about a peculiar spot in a friend's meadow that caused her to feel dizzy, light-headed, and somewhat nauseous. Since I like to help other dowsers, I got the address and printed a Google Map, then dowsed the area to see what I could find.

East of the house, in the pasture in question, I found a 91-foot diameter circular energy pattern which I had not encountered previously. It was actually a vortex, with energy flowing downward and clockwise during daytime and reversing at night. The energy was geopathic to humans, with an intensity of 10 to 15 (on Baron Gustav von Pohl's 16-point scale) at night and 4 to 9 during daytime. The energy is more intense as you near the center of the vortex. In terms of effects on humans, it reacts with both the Etheric and Mental energy layers surrounding the human body, meaning that it can have deleterious effects in terms of healing and reproduction as well as mental well-being (the dizziness, etc.).

The energy can be dissipated using a vertical rod buried at the center of the pattern. If using copper you'll need a 30-inch piece of wire. If using soft steel (as I usually do) a 22-inch piece is enough. For lack of a better term I'm calling this pattern a Reversing Etheric Vortex. While I'm getting indications that it is caused by the intersection of some physical phenomena in the Earth's crust, I haven't yet figured out what these phenomena might be. That always seems to be the toughest part, at least for me. Gathering the data is a breeze but figuring out how it fits within the big picture is another story.

Latest News (01/17/2014):
As an update to the previous update, Crust Fracture Lines can also be man-made. After map-dowsing a hydraulic fracture drilling site in Pennsylvania, I found that radial crust fracture lines fan out from the drilling tower. I'm not sure if they correlate with actual drill pathways, but their energy is directional, away from the tower, running about 1/3 to 1/2 mile and ending in a tight CW spiral, at which point the energy flows upward. The naturally occurring crust fracture lines only radiate upward. And while the natural lines affect only the monadic energy layer in humans, the man-made ones affect both the astral and etheric layers, making them a larger potential health hazard.

Also, a repeat client near Menomonie, WI reporting feeling something odd at home and I map-dowsed their property to find an 11-plane energy pattern running through their home that hadn't been there a year earlier. The planes are not equally spaced and the pattern has a total width of about 9 feet. The geopathic energy can range from -4 to -14 on a 16-point scale, and the energy is directional (unchanging day to night). I have tentatively named it a Wide Astral Line (WdAL) since it affects only the astral layer in humans. I have not yet found any physical reason for the appearance of this line in the home so more research on site may be necessary this coming spring.

And in the beneficial energy department, a routine scan of our home for any recently-occurring or previously undiscovered energies led to the discovery of a spiral pattern centered in our living room. Since it affects only the causal, monadic, and Buddhic energy layers in humans I've tentatively named it the Single Subtle Spiral (SSS). It flows outward as a single counterclockwise spiral at a regular spacing of 14 inches. The energy level declines slightly as you move outward in the pattern, beginning at 15 (on a 16-point scale) at the center. I don't know what its positive effects are, but at that level it must be good for something!

Latest News (05/16/2014):
Sometime on or near April 28th a new energy formation appeared in our orchard. The orchard is also fenced for our chickens. One day in early May I noticed one of our hens, "Goldie" standing still for a very long period beneath a just-leafing young hazelnut bush. The other hens were grazing and cruising around as usual. I thought, "Well, that's just Goldie being odd, or maybe she's not feeling well". A couple of days later I saw her standing there again, stock still, seemingly just meditating on "the pure white light of stupidity".

Finally I strode out there to see what was up, Y-rod in hand. I shooed Goldie away and began to dowse the spot. What she had apparently found was the exact center of a 167-foot diameter series of 87 concentric vertical cylinders of beneficial energy. The pattern has its top intensity of 10 at the center (on Baron von Pohl's 16-point scale), with intensity dropping evenly to zero at the outermost cylinder. The pattern remains the same, day or night, and I've yet to find any correlation between its energy and any geologic formations or changes in the local geology. In terms of its effect on the "Human Spherical Field" (see below) it appears to affect only the three outermost energy layers, the Causal, the Buddhic, and the Monadic. And since chickens only have the four innermost energy layers (Physical. Astral, Etheric, and Mental), Goldie seems to be aware of energies beyond her abilities in at least two senses, tuning in to energy layers that affect only her species, and in having more than a mere "bird brain". Schooled by a chicken. Humbled once again! I've begun to call this pattern the Wide Concentric Cylinder Cluster.

Latest News (08/15/2015):
In early August one of our two pet sheep started acting oddly. I'd often find her out near the chicken coop instead of out in the pasture grazing and she would only lie down in two distinct spots. They were distinct because she was having a hard time getting up and would spend a few minutes flailing about with her rear legs, trying to get upright enough to boost her rear end up and use her front legs to rise normally. This led to two pits dug into the ground at each spot in which she preferred to rest. As her lameness increased we figured that perhaps she was experiencing the arthritic  symptoms of Lyme disease, and we treated her with an injection of tetracycline. This worked to cure the symptoms but didn't stop the odd preference in resting spots, including another spot right in the middle of the entrance to her shed.

After getting educated by chickens (previous posting) I decided to check out these spots for any new sorts of energy patterns. All three spots had a pattern of six concentric, vertical cylinders, about 10 feet in diameter, emanating beneficial energy. The energy is strongest at the center of the pattern, explaining why the resting spots were so clearly marked. The energy intensity, on a 16-point scale, ranged from 8 (daytime) to 10 (night) at the pattern center and from 5 to 7 at the edge. Energy rotates clockwise in these cylinders as seen from above and the Etheric field is the only one affected. Since this deals with healing injuries to the body's blueprint I now have a better idea why that sheep needed to rest where she did. I'm referring to these spots as Rotating Bull's-Eye Patterns.

Latest News (01/16/2016):

Further into the fall last year, the same 12 year old sheep mentioned in the previous posting became suddenly lame again (even after treatment with tetracycline worked for over a month) and couldn't graze. I was walking out into the fields to collect choice bits of clover and alfalfa to feed her twice each day, bending down low to cut he forage with a hand sickle. I soon noticed that my neck muscles were seizing up and my neck vertebrae were making ominous cracking sounds. Chiropractic adjustments and massage didn't seem to help, so I just put up with it thinking the problem would go away when the sheep started eating hay later in the year. It didn't go away and actually progressed. Finally, now that my muscles had bound up so badly that I was unable to even turn my neck sideways easily, I decided that it was time to try dowsing the situation.

I asked to find any energy pathways or formations that might be causing my neck stiffness. I found a very straight pathway (single vertical plane) that reverses direction from day to night. It passed right through my bed pillow! On a geopathic scale of 0 to 16 it registered a 7; not enough to cause, for instance, cancer but not great either. Asking about when this new energy started passing through our home I narrowed it down to August 21, 2015. Asking about its source indicated disturbance of the local underground rocks by someone drilling a well 5 to 6 miles to our NW. I asked if it could be diverted or dissipated. Either would work but dissipation at both ends of the building was suggested. I did so with two 22" long vertical copper wires. Placement had to be precise since the energy pathway was less than 1/16" wide. The energy level was reduced to 0.07 on the 16-point scale, a 100-fold reduction. My neck is starting to loosen up after a couple of days but getting full freedom of movement back after being exposed for 5 months may take some time. Five days later I now can turn my neck quickly from side to side, a movement that caused shooting pain for the past month. I'm referring to this new energy pathway as a Thin Causal Line since only the Causal layer of my body was affected. How such a subtle field change led to intense physical symptoms is a question for another day.

The Human Spherical Field - the basis for the descriptions of effects on humans (and for other purposes)

Above you can see the theoretical framework on which I now base much of my research on the effects of Earth Energies on the human body. I won't go into the details of how I bumped into this odd structure (it's covered in a chapter of Planetary Patterns), but I was looking for something entirely unrelated. And I'm certainly not claiming to be the sole discoverer of this structure. Something this obvious to an energy worker has probably been described well before my time, but I haven't seen it anywhere.

The most recent work I have done to discover more about this energy structure around humans indicates that that there are a total of 56 energy layers around an adult human instead of the 35 layers shown above. What you see above is a cut-away view of 35 energy layers surrounding a human body, like the layers of an onion surrounding the core. The outer 30 layers are perfect spheres, extending to a radius of around 10 feet from a point just below the navel. The innermost 5 layers follow the general contour of the body. All of the layers are in groups of 5 with a larger space between groups, so I usually just refer to a group of 5 as a unit. The most recent work shows 56 continuous energy layers with "zero-energy" layers filling in what I originally perceived as spaces. I really don't know quite yet why there are 5 layers in a group or why there are what appear to be "structural place-holders" between the groups. And I don't know why there are 8 groups of energy layers. Perhaps it's just an artifact of how the energy beaming into us reacts to our internal energies. More on these 5-layer units shortly.

You also can see a point on the left side where the outermost 5 layers fold into a focal point, or axis, that aims straight into the body. The outermost layer of the sphere becomes the innermost layer of the axis. In reality there are 6 of these focal points forming 3 axes. During the day, energy moves from the head to the feet, from the front of the body to the back, and from the right side to the left. When the sun sets locally the directions reverse. And, unlike the simplified drawing, every one one of the spherical layers has a corresponding layer at each focal point.

Humans have 8 groups of energy, other animals have 5 groups, plants have 4 groups, and single-celled organisms have 3 groups. Plants experience a similar directionality of energy movement, as humans and other animals do, but they don't carry it around with them as we do (it remains stable based on N-S, E-W, and Up-Down). And yes, that's because the Earth itself has these same types of energy layers in groups.

One very practical use for the ability to distinguish plants from animals using dowsing is that it allows you to find fertilized eggs versus unfertilized eggs. The fertile ones show 5 energy layers so they can be interpreted as future animals. The unfertilized ones show 4 energy layers and so are more closely related to plants.

I formerly used the terminology of Hindu texts to label these groups of energy layers. The non-spherical layer was called the Physical. The first spherical layer was the Etheric, with the next in order being the Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and the Monadic. I have since discarded this confusing terminological artifact found in Hindu, Theosophical, and Biodynamic texts in favor of a simple numerical position. Some folks have confused what I'm talking about with "the aura" forming out of "chakras". As I understand it, auras are internally generated and follow the body's contours but what I'm discussing is externally generated and spherical. If you are familiar with the purely-energy-based theories in physics, where the particles of which we are familiar exist only as standing waves in an extra-dimensional energy field, then you would have a good basis for understanding what I am trying to explain (see bottom paragraph for details).

So when I formerly described an energy as "Etheric", what I mean is that it affects the etheric field of the body; the one that could be called the "blueprint" for cell regeneration and healing. If an energy affected the Astral layers I'd expect it to alter someone's emotions, sleep patterns, or dreams. If it affected the Physical layers I consider it the most obviously powerful, since any of the Earth Energies that positively affect the Physical field are the ones that animals (other than human animals) are most consistently drawn to, or avoid. Planetary Patterns has a chart at the back which details the positive and negative effects on each layer of the human spherical field. This has been supplanted by the most recent chart that is now available in PDF format. In that chart you can see the 8 distinct energy fields (indicated by black areas) surrounding a human, beginning with #1 which is closest to the body, and the grey vertical strips that indicate the "zero-energy" layers. I am currently working an another chart that will hopefully provide the details about which energy layer affects a corresponding bodily organ. This information, taken together with the relative intensity of the energy, its proximity, and the duration of exposure, will be the factors determining how serious the energy will be to an individual and where to look for physical symptoms.

For those of you not comfortable using these terms, it occurred to me that the "layers" correspond to the 10 dimensions postulated in the modern physics of String (or "M") Theory. The first layer, which I've called "Physical" corresponds to the familiar dimensions of length, width, and height (the X, Y, and Z axes) plus Time. It has been referred to as "space-time". The remaining 6 dimensions correspond to the Astral, Etheric, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and Monadic. So if you do not like the Hindu terms, just refer to Space-time, the 5th dimension, 6th dimension, etc. up to the Tenth. Why there are 5 energy-active "laminations" in each dimensional layer (except for the Space-time layer) is something that, for me anyway, remains a mystery.

Another possible model for these peculiar energy layers is suggested by the work of physicist Milo M. Wolff in his book "Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe". While most of the book deals with clarifying what physicists do not know about physics, he offers an interesting new model of atomic particles based on wave interference. His model deals with outgoing energy radiating from a point and radiating inward toward that same point, creating bands of "standing waves". If you use your solar plexus as the point and his standing waves as the energy layers his model would predict both inward and outward moving energy but not the multi-layered structure of the Spherical Field or its 6 points of focus for energy moving in and out. Still, an interesting starting point for further research!

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