Geopathic Energies: A type of energy generated by our planet....

  • Appear to correspond to specific geological formations found underground, along with other geophysical sources
  • Are definitely not imaginary (refer to the "Attention Skeptics" section, below)
  • Are VERY common! They exist everywhere, but in different types, and at differing intensities
  • Weren't a health problem when humans were nomadic
  • Aren't your fault, although some people do seem drawn to them
  • Cause physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual alterations
  • Move downward, upward, or across the Earth's surface, depending on type
  • Are stable in location, except for day/night/moon-phase changes, or local disruptions of the Earth's crust
  • Have a cumulative effect on humans which can be abated with reduced exposure or other techniques
  • Can be detected, located, quantified, avoided, dissipated, diverted, or modified
  • Are not the only variety of Earth Energy; there are just as many beneficial ones!

Attention Skeptics!

I am quite surprised that you got this far! I was raised on a steady diet of high-end math and science, along with a great deal of religious training, and a fair amount of religious skepticism that increases with age. My high school counselors had me headed toward engineering school to design cars, while my relatives thought I'd become a minister. So, when I started finding these oddball talents in myself, I wanted to find ways to verify their reality. Using what I knew, I applied the research methods of science to what I found.

Using a scientific process that involves observation, hypotheses, and predictions may seem foreign to something that most reasonable people would generously call a pseudoscience. Science after all is based on repeatability by any researcher at any time in any place. What I do is based on my peculiar ability to stretch my sensory capabilities. So I prefer to think of myself as a test instrument, not a scientist. I gather data in an indirect manner, not unlike any other test instrument used by scientists. And as an instrument I prefer to deal only with what I can repeatedly and reliably sense, not with grand and supposedly meaningful, but often quite fanciful, interpretations of that data.

So with dowsing, the data gathering and prediction is pretty easy. You show a homeowner where the gas pipe, water line, or buried electrical cable supposedly runs into their home and they can set you straight one way or the other. Or you tell them the depth to the water table that their well taps into and they can quickly verify your results.Or you find a freshly-dug basement excavation with a 2-inch tube of underground water running into it from what American dowsers call a "Water Dome" (or a "Blind Spring" if you're in England). You then place an L-shaped, soft steel rod over what you perceive to be the upstream side of the underground vein of water. You turn the horizontal part of the rod to one side and watch in disbelief (yours and theirs) as the water stops flowing. This trick was performed by dowsers in the early 20th Century using wooden stakes pounded in along the water pathway. They would tap on one side of the stakes to "persuade" the water vein to move. Strange stuff indeed! Some refer to this process as "Earth Acupuncture".

Or, like me, you start messing with the pathways of major deer/rabbit/cow/sheep trails (not single tracks, but the well-worn trails of multiple animals) in a field by burying metal L-shaped rods in the center of the path, with the horizontal part of the rod moved to one side or the other. You watch as a new trail develops in the next few days, exactly where your dowsing shows that the energy they were following has been diverted. This was how I began to divert harmful energy pathways around client's homes. Humans can be persuaded by the "placebo effect", but observing animal behavior remains as one of the belief-neutral foundations of Natural Science. The libraries that have my book on this subject shelve it in the Science section. Enough said?

When YOU can do the above YOU'LL no longer be as skeptical!

Earth Energy Checklist - revised 02/19/2013 - revised most recently here

Energy Character
Term I Use for itEnergy Pattern, or "Signature"First Discovered (as far as I know) by/at:
Most Harmful
Meandering Noxious Line (MNL)7 curving, parallel, equidistant vertical planes, about 2 feet wide; infrequentme, in a cabin near Decorah, Iowa

Volcanic Line (VL)Single vertical, sinuously curving plane, 3550 feet long from volcano center to end-spiralme, from map-dowsing a home in Ecuador

Straight Subtle Line (SSL)
7 very straight, parallel, equidistant planes, about 6 inches apart, 3 feet wide in totalme, I do not recall where

Straight Noxious Pathway (SNP)100's of straight, parallel, equidistant vertical planes, roughly 6 inches apart, over 100 ft. wideme, at the upper end of our driveway

Noxious Ray Site (NR)Nearly vertical cylinder, varying diameter, originates from side line of SNP above
widely known

Noxious Ray Spiral Line (NRS)23-plane spiral, roughly 2 ft. wide, connects the above two, can go CW or CCWme, in our orchard

Straight Wide Etheric Line (SWE)17 vertical, parallel, equidistant planes at roughly 4-inch spacing, very straight, around 6 feet wideme, in a neighbor's home

Cavity Vortex (CV)Tapered tube with CW rotation and downward flow. Creates radial Dry Etheric Linesme, in nearby sinkholes

4-Petal Cylinder (4PC)4 to 6-foot wide "flower-like" pattern with a central vertical cylinder and 4 double spiralsme, near our parking area

Negative Bull's-Eye Pattern (NBP)4 sets of concentric, 5-plane, vertical tubes, forming a 10-35 foot "target" patternme, in a friend's kitchen

Triple Vortex Spiral (TVS)Single, vertical-plane spirals moving CCW from Triple Vortex vorticesme, in the field west of our house

Wet Etheric Line (WE)*Day: 23 vertical, parallel, equidistant planes, 2 ft. wide, with energy and water cross-flow; night: 3 sets of 3 planeswidely known

Wide Astral Line (WdAL)11 parallel, non-equally distanced, vertical planes, 9 feet wide in total, affecting only the astral energy layersme, running through a client's home near Menomonie, WI

Negative 4-Spiral Bull's-Eye (N4B)5 concentric, vertical cylinders with 4 CW and CCW spiral planes moving toward itme, next to a client's home in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Triple Vortex (TV)Complex of 3 CCW vortices connected by spirals to 3 four-plane, beneficial, vertical cylindersme, in a nearby field

Primary Curry Line Crossing (PCC)3x3 plane intersection, forms 5 vertical or horizontal concentric cylindersSigfried Wittman

Broad Single Line (BSL)6 inch thick vertical plane, runs straight, then reverses direction in a "zig-zag" fashionmy first client's girlfriend, in his home

Dry Etheric Line (DE)3 sets of 3 vertical planes, in near-parallel with others, all moving from a tight spiral about 1/4 mile toward a Cavity Vortexme, near any sinkhole I found

Straight Narrow Etheric Line (SNE)10 straight, parallel, equidistant planes, unidirectional and roughly 4 feet wideme, I do not recall where

Stray Voltage Pathway (SV)**Single vertical plane above line-frequency EMF running through ground, usually straightmidwestern dairy cows?

Astral Line (AL)7 parallel, straight, unidirectional planes, affecting only the astral energy layersme, in our home

Eight-Petal Cylinder (8PC)20 foot wide "flower-like" pattern with central cylinder surrounded by 8 double spiralsme, in our neighbor's field south of our house

Spiral Cylinder Complex (SCC)Four vertical, 3-foot cylinders with CW & CCW spirals surrounding 4 concentric, vertical cylinders of 6-foot diameterme, in our neighbor's field southeast of our house

Negative Mental Line (NML)5 vertical planes, 1 foot wide, meanderingme, at a client's home near Hastings, Minnesota

Wide Meandering Etheric Line (WME)23 vertical planes, 12 feet wide, curvingme, in our driveway

Crust Fracture Line11 parallel, equidistant, vertical planes, 25 inch total width, can be naturally occurring or created by hydraulic fracturing ("fracking")
me, from map-dowsing a home in Ecuador, and from map-dowsing a fracking site in PA

Aquastraight Line (AST) at night23 straight, vertical planes, 20 feet wide, run between 2 sets of 3 Aquastatsme, between any set of the "aquastat" lines discovered by Guy Underwood

Primary Hartmann Crossing (PHC)40x40 intersection of vertical/horizontal planes, forms 5 concentric cylinders at the intersections
Francois Peyre

Secondary Hartmann Crossing (SHC)3/5 x 3/5 intersection of vertical/horizontal planes, forms 4 concentric cylindersFrancois Peyre

Secondary Curry Line Crossing (SCC)3x3 intersection of vertical/horizontal planes, forms 5 concentric cylindersSigfried Wittman

Feline Etheric Line (FE)5 straight, parallel, vertical planes, evenly-spaced, 24 inches wide (only affects cats!)me, in our home

Weak Etheric Line (WEL)21 straight, parallel, vertical planes, evenly-spaced, 13 feet wideme, in a field northeast of our home

Weak Astral Line (WAL)4 straight, parallele, vertical planes, evenly-spaced, 20 inches wideme, in a client's home near Decorah, Iowa

Narrow Magnetic Anomaly (NMA)2 sets of 2 vertical planes of AC EMF surrounding 1 vertical DC planeme, in our home

Wide Magnetic Anomaly (WMA)3 vertical, equidistant, parallel planes of 7-foot total width; outer planes AC, inner is DCa client near Fairfield, Iowa, but I found it using map-dowsing

Negative Straight Monadic Path (NSMP)70 straight, parallel, equally-spaced, unidirectional, vertical planes, about 110 feet wideEnglish dowser "ocd", on the British Society of Dowsers Earth Energies Forum

Narrow Periodic Subtle Line (NPS)5 straight, parallel, vertical, equidistant planes, 31 inches wide, unidirectional, periodic every 1700 feetme, in our backyard
Harmful to humans
Wide Occasional Subtle Line (WOS)20 straight, parallel, vertical, equidistant planes, 46 feet wide, bi-directional, energy moving downward during daytime, reversed at nightme, using map-dowsing

Big Multi-plane Cylinder (BMC)34 vertical, parallel, equidistant planes at 11-inch intervals forming the outside of a 280-foot diameter cylinder, energy moving upward during daytime, reversed at nightme, at a client's home near LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Big Weak Etheric Cylinder (BWEC)8 vertical, parallel, equidistant planes at 1/2-inch intervals forming a 148-foot diameter cylinderme, from map-dowsing a home in Ecuador

Track Line (TL)2 sets of 3 vertical planes, 2 feet wideGuy Underwood

Wide Mixed Solar Line (WMS)30 straight, equidistant, parallel planes, at 9-inch intervals, energy moving downward in daytime, reversed at night, stressful to perennial plantsme, at a client's mother's home near LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Beneficial to humans
Aquastraight Line (AST) during daytime23 vertical planes, 20 ft. wide, like the night AST but all planes are beneficialme, between any set of the "aquastat" lines discovered by Guy Underwood

Aquastat (AS)4 sets of 3 vertical planes, roughly 6 ft. wide, found in groups of 3Guy Underwood

Spring Spiral (SS)5 parallel, vertical planes in a tight, CCW spiral, formed by rising water columnGuy Underwood?

Magnetic Vortex (MV)"Tornado" of 11 concentric, vertical cylinders, very complex formation, common, CW spinwidely known

Electric Vortex (EV)Upside-down version of above with upward moving energy, common, CCW spinwidely known

Three-Ring Circle (3RC)3 concentric, vertical cylinders, about 9 inches apart, diameter roughly 350 feet, frequentme, in our backyard

Subtle Line (SL)7 vertical planes, 3 feet wide, straightme, but I don't recall where

Celtic Cross Spiral Line (CCS)3' wide, vertical, 5-plane, spiral, moving CW or CCW, ending in 1/4 mile as tight spiralme, in a neighbor's field east of our home

Geodetic Line***(GL)Vertical, single-plane, straight, several-hundred-foot-wide group of 11 pathwaysEnglish dowsers?

Serpent/Dragon Line (DL)21 vertical, single-plane, CW or CCW spiral, 100+ feet between planes, infrequentEnglish Dowsers?

Positive 4-spiral Bull's-Eye (P4B)5 concentric, vertical cylinders with 4 CW and CCW spiral planes moving toward itme, in the field near the upper end of our driveway

3-Spiral Cylinder (3SC)5 concentric, vertical cylinders, about 4 ft. diameter, feeding into three 3-plane double spiralsme, in a neighbor's field southeast of our home

Positive Mental Line (PML)5 vertical planes, 1 foot wide, meanderingme, at a client's home near Hastings, Minnesota

Positive Straight Monadic Path (PSMP)2 parallel groups of 4 parallel, vertical planes, 19 feet between groups, 7 inches between planesme, near Wilson, Minnesota

Aerial Grid Line (AGL), or "Ley Line"****2 sets composed of 4 vertical, upward-flowing, AC planes astride 1 set of 4 downward-flowing DC planes, 6 ft. wide in all me, intersecting in our bedroom

Electromagnetic Vortex (EMV)Combines all beneficial features of MV and EV, occurs in nearby pairs, rarewidely known

River Lines (RL)5 straight, vertical, parallel planes at an 11-inch spacing usually following a river's courseme, in a client's backyard in Fridley, Minnesota

Positive Bull's-Eye Pattern (PBP) 4 concentric, vertical cylinders forming a 6-14 foot "target" patternme, at a client's home near Hastings, Minnesota

Celtic Cross Straight Line (CCS)Intersection of 7x7 vertical, 3 ft. wide, straight paths, each containing 7 planesme, in a neighbor's field east of our home

Continental Spiral (CS)Very rare, 21 vertical-plane CW/CCW spiralsme, using map dowsing

Telluric Channel (TC)Single vertical plane originating in underground, low-frequency, AC or DC EMF flowwidely known

Chi Lines (CL)Single, vertical, unidirectional plane, enters E window/door, exits W window/doorancient Chinese

Single Subtle Spiral (SSS)Single, vertical, spiral plane moving CCW from center, repeated at 14-inch intervalsme, in our living room

Spiral-Fed Grid (SFG)Four 3-plane spirals, rotating CCW, move 16 feet into a single-plane grid cross; 20 miles apartme, in a neighbor's field southeast of our home

Sleep Lines (SLP)11 straight, N-S, equally-spaced, parallel vertical planes at 6-inch spacing, only at nightme, in our home

Triple Spiral (TS)3 large, connected, 6-plane spirals in a 100 ft. triangular pattern, rotating inward and CCWme, in a neighbor's field southeast of our home

Single Oval Cylinder (SOC)Single-plane, vertical, oval cylinder, less than 9 feet acrossme, in our driveway

Single Circle (SC)Single vertical cylinder with roughly 30-foot diameter, energy moves downward from aboveme, near a client's home near Amherst, Wisconsin

Traditional Ley/Wide Planetary Grid Line (WPG)*+Daytime: 8 vertical, directional, nearly straight, parallel planes; from 29 to 42 feet wide (continuously variable); At night: same but 11 planesEnglish dowsers? I found a cross point near Lanesboro, Minnesota

Blind Spring or Water Dome (WD)Underground pool from rising water forms vertical cylinder; origin of WE, AS, and ASTEnglish dowsers? There is one near our home
Most Beneficial
Celtic Cross Circle (CCC)100's of concentric, vertical cylinders originating at crossing of CCS'sme, in a neighbor's field east of our home

When I list the person who found an energy as "me", don't assume that I am the very first to find one of them. Most of this knowledge has probably been discovered much earlier by others but the details have been lost over time.

* Also known as a Black Vein, Water Vein, Lung Mai (veins of the dragon) with Sha Qi (unhealthy energy), or Earthray. Originates in Blind Spring.

** More accurately a "returning neutral ground current". Power company lawyers say that "stray voltage" legally only affects animals!

*** The Geodetic Line is sometimes confusingly called a Ley Line, but it's much wider and composed of 11 single, variably-spaced, vertical planes.

**** The Aerial Grid, or "Ley Line" has a downward-flowing component of vertical planes, with planes surrounding it that are the Earth's upward-flowing, terrestrial reaction to them.

*+ This is the type of "Ley Line" that famously passes through Sedona, Arizona; also occurs every 123 miles north or south and every 48 to 53 miles (at mid-latitudes) east or west, forming highly energetic crossings

GeoPathfinder - The Business That Developed

GeoPathfinder is the name of the business end of my overall efforts in energy detection, classification, and experimentation. Besides selling books and downloads on the topic, I do local, on-site service at the homes and work sites of clients, and I can check for helpful or harmful energy pathways from a distance using a procedure called "remote dowsing". I first learned about this possibility by reading about a dowser from Maine, Henry Gross, who used the technique.

My work can range from locating helpful and harmful energy paths to actual short-range deflection or dissipation of the energies. Dissipation greatly reduces the intensity of geopathic formations, while deflection or diversion warps their path around the site while carefully avoiding neighboring homes (trying this on your own is not recommended, or the Karma is on you!). The effect is immediate and, and far as I can tell at this point, permanent. And best of all, it doesn't require the client's belief to make it work. That is especially helpful when working with non-human animals, whose belief systems are poorly understood!

  Want to see what one of these energy patterns looks like? This is a photo of the 2-dimensional outline of the unseen energy pattern from a vein of underground water. It was first dowsed, then traced in the dirt using a stick, then outlined in diatomaceous earth for contrast. Not all of the detail is shown, and the pattern continues in both directions along the water flow, but you can get some idea of the complexity involved. The vertical width of the pattern is roughly 2 feet. There are actually 23 parallel lines during the day, not just the three shown, and 3 sets of 3 parallel lines at night. The circles are really vertical cylinders. The lines are actually vertical planes. One of the other names for this energy pattern is the "Wet Etheric Line" (see more on the EE Updates page). 

Legal Matters

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the information contained herein (nor is it likely to!), and said information is not intended to replace the advice of a physician, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.