Earth Energies - Location-Based Health and Disease

A bit of personal history: I am Bob Dahse and I am a dowser, one of those peculiar folks who follows a long European tradition of walking around with a forked tree branch, asking questions and looking for things. Since 1982 I have tracked down some good well sites, found the depth to water, and located buried pipes, cables, tanks, and even people, (although usually not buried ones!). It was an interesting but infrequent hobby.

But in 1990, a friend who is an electrical engineer asked me to join several other dowsers, electrical engineers, and power company technicians to map some pathways of "stray voltage" on 3 farms. These are unintended (but nearly unavoidable) underground electrical currents from the AC Power Grid, more properly called "returning neutral ground currents". They cause health problems for penned animals and for humans who unknowingly build a home in the wrong spot. This introduced me to energy dowsing, and to the notion that disease can be a function of location.

After a few years of this I started to detect other pathways that weren't veins of underground water, buried objects, or errant Grid power. So I began to document the unique character of each path or formation, including its effect on humans, its directional flow, and its distinctive pattern, or "signature". And since 2002, initially at a client's request, I have been doing extensive field research and have completed energy remediation work on more than 170 sites. It appears that I have evolved into an Earth Energy specialist, or Geobiologist (not what I wanted to be when I grew up!). Even though my primary focus is research, I continuously learn more details about our planet by doing work for clients, most of whom are suffering from symptoms ranging all the way from poor sleep to cancer.

Many people have asked how I dowse, how I discovered I could dowse, and how I am able to figure out the intricate patterns found in Earth Energy formations with just a forked twig and curiosity. Well, my ability may be somewhat inherited from the "crazy Swiss side of the family", as my father used to say. He was referring to my mother's Hangartner relatives, and it included her father's brother (my grand-uncle John). John died before I came along, so I never got to know him, but I was told he could locate lost children and help to cure various illnesses through unknown means. When I suddenly found that I could dowse, I figured I had him to thank for at least paving the way for my particular form of oddness.

You can get more details about how I stumbled on my ability or how I manage to dowse energy patterns, or you can contact me via e-mail if you have questions on this topic. And for those of you who think you are ready to remove geopathic energies from a building, you may want to download our PDF on the topic. We used to have a more general version available for free, but the document has been revised to be much more specific. It is now available as a 6-page document for a fee of $2.50, mostly so that we can keep track of who is using the information. This is a procedure not to be taken lightly, as harmful Earth Energies can be mistakenly re-routed through unintended buildings if you are not careful!

Some Definitions & Explanations

  • Feng Shui: Literally “Wind Water” (or harnessing wind and channeling water). Known as the Chinese art of placement, it’s now mostly thought of as a method for improving “luck” by harmonizing your home environment with local landforms and energies. Lung Mai (Veins of the Dragon) is the Chinese name for a subterranean water stream, causing Sha Qi, unhealthy energy. It is one of the 60+ types of Earth Energy I work with almost daily. Many Feng Shui texts recommend the removal of geopathic energies before proceeding with other “cures”. 
  • Geopathic Stress: “Geo” means earth. “Pathos” means suffering. Stress is a pressure, tension, or strain on something. So Geopathic Stress is a strain on our bodies caused by forces generated within, across, or above the Earth, causing some form of suffering. An energy practitioner would see it as a disruption in the “etheric field”, the healing blueprint of our bodies, often physically manifested as adrenal over-stimulation and eventual fatigue.
  • Geopathic Stress Elimination, sometimes known as Earth Acupuncture, is NOT about improving luck, prosperity, or your love life. It moves beyond most popularized Feng Shui goals and practices by seeking out and rerouting local energy patterns that cause stress to bodies (human or otherwise) resting over them, the original goals of ancient Feng Shui. This is mostly a problem of location and duration. If a third of your time is spent in bed and another third at a stationary worksite, those are the areas of prime interest. 
  • Earth Energies themselves are ubiquitous and usually unsensed, so their elimination involves somehow detecting them, finding their exact path, identifying them, quantifying and qualifying their energies, and finally avoiding them, dissipating them, or deflecting them around the area in question. First researched in Germany in the early 1900’s, some of these energies can now be located using precision instruments such as electroscopes, magnetometers and scintillation counters, but many still resist detection by any means but dowsing.
  • What is dowsing? It’s using your body as a “tunable” sensing device to detect, locate, qualify, or quantify things. Traditionally used to find underground water or mineral ores, it can (and has been) used to find almost any conceivable “target” including these energies. While many animals can easily sense Earth Energies, using them for navigation among other things, humans have, for the most part, seemingly lost this ability. I found mine in 1982.
  • What are these Earth Energies? It is theorized that most originate either as benign energy flowing upward  from deep within the Earth and radiating upward, or perhaps reflecting upward off the Earth's crust from a cosmic source, but warped into geopathic form by cavities, mineral ore concentrations, faults, and veins of underground water. Many of them are referred to as “lines”. But they exist as 3-dimensional “planes”, invisible walls that can be vertical or horizontal. A few of them are man-made but the vast majority are naturally occurring. They are spaced as frequently as every 18 inches, all the way up to hundreds of miles apart. They can be arrow-straight or meandering, singular or periodic, spiraling, cylindrical, or even branched. And all of them have a characteristic width and a pattern, or “signature”, that can be traced using dowsing.
  • How are they removed? As I practice it, shaped rods of “mild steel” or copper are placed at strategic points along the geopathic formations to dissipate them or divert them around a building. The length of the rods and their shape are varied to get the best result without sending additional negative energy into neighboring buildings. The rods can be buried around the perimeter of the structure or placed on/in interior/exterior walls. The maximum deflection occurs at the vertical elevation of the rod, diminishing as you move upward or downward, as if you were placing a 3-D balloon in the energy plane's path.
  •  What are the general symptoms of stress? They include but aren’t limited to: insomnia, obesity, headaches, depression/anxiety, exhaustion, high blood pressure, hair loss, irritable bowels, infertility, allergies, hard-to-diagnose pains, immune system depression, and chronic, slow-onset diseases, even cancer. Excessive stress can be caused by injuries, air pollution, water impurities, food contamination from additives, packaging materials, and pesticides, indoor chemical fumes and fungal, bacterial, or mite allergens, electromagnetic pollution, and self-imposed strains from poor dietary choices, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Geopathic zones can be “the last straw” to an immune system already stretched thin by these other physical strains combined with emotional pressures and inherited genetic weaknesses.
  • The primary goals of my research have been to identify these energy patterns, to standardize their names using precise pattern descriptions, to conduct experiments in energy deflection and dissipation, and to publish a thorough and systematic survey of this information. This has involved work on over 170 homes and businesses in the past 12 years, and publication of the 2nd Edition of my book, “Planetary Patterns – A Dowser’s Survey of Earth Energies”, found on the Home page.

Where does GeoPathfinder fit in the wide world of energy work?

Those of you who are familiar with the principles and practices of modern Feng Shui are probably wondering why our website's tag-line used to be "The Roots of Feng Shui". A more precise description would have been "Geomancy as the The Original Basis of Feng Shui".

  • In its most ancient form, Feng Shui practitioners would look for ideal sites for homes, business places, wells, and even burial plots. On its most basic level this involved looking at solar access, protection from harsh winds, ready availability of quietly-flowing, non-stagnant water, drainage flow patterns, nice views, and a pleasant esthetic "feel". This was a job for someone with good observational skills, experience, and a bit of intuitive insight.
  • The next level involved finding someone with additional talents and training. Geomancy was used to find pathways of harmful and helpful "chi", or life energy. Underground water channels are a good example. Where they rise upward from bedrock to form a "Blind Spring" the energy is auspicious. But where they flow outward and downward from the spring their energy is quite negative. The usual response to a bad location was to simply move somewhere better.
  • The next level was concerned with zones. The geomancer would use a compass of sorts to find ideal places in the home for each aspect of your life. Dividing a home into zones for different activities is a central theme for the Chinese, for Hindu "vastutechture", and for modern architects as well. Rooms designed with sensible door placement, smart window locations, stimulating/soothing colors where appropriate, and architectural details that give a good visual flow would seem like home no matter which century or continent we're talking about.
  • The fourth and most abstract level deals with symbolism. At this level the geomancer was dealing mainly concerned with "cures", or fixes for problems that couldn't be dealt with using the three previous levels. This involves things like wind chimes, mirrors, running water, symbolic objects or colors; whatever it takes to get some chi moving smoothly again. Much of modern Feng Shui is focused here, since modern folks are often neither land owners, permanent residents, home owners, or even home remodelers. They need a quick fix for what's perceived as bad luck, leading to poor health, loss of income, relationship failure, or whatever.
  • Our focus goes beyond the symbolism of this fourth level to get back closer to the roots of Feng Shui. Using a proven mix of dowsing and divination, our analysis of Earth Energy patterns goes deeper, to try to reach the fundamental causes of stress on the energy fields surrounding all living things. And yet, taking into account both the modern transient lifestyle as well as the needs of more rooted inhabitants, our remedial techniques are quick, minimally disruptive, and permanent (barring inadvertent modifications or tampering). We aim, simply, to De-stress Your Address! 

Legal Matters

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the information contained herein (nor is it likely to!), and said information is not intended to replace the advice of a physician, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.